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6 Mar

Really, 6 good players on the team?? Cause Peanut wouldn’t be a starter for any other team in the league. And Roberto Garza isn’t one of the better interior lineman in the league, capable of shuffling around the line mid-season like it was a game of musical chairs. And Johnny Knox didn’t blaze y’all on what can only be referred to as a “fake punt return,” of which he was robbed by some bull$&@? zebra calling a phantom hold on Corey Graham. Quit drinking your Packer kool-aid bro, it’s making you crazy. Another Packer fan said we need to get a qb along with VJ so he’ll have someone to throw him the ball. I’ll take Cutler over Rodgers, at least he doesn’t moonlight as a wrestler in the offseason. Belts are for fighters or fakers bro, not ballers. Go Bears, remind the meat-packers and the rest of this league who built this shiz!!!